Roof Management, Inc. is a full service roofing company

Our personnel are skilled and trained in all disciplines of commercial and industrial roofing technology. Certified and licensed by many major manufacturers, the Roof Management, Inc. crews can install built up, modified bitumen, coal tar, single ply, and shingle or metal roof systems.

With no allegiance to one system, or one manufacturer, we have the ability to provide the appropriate system to meet the specific needs of the building and building owner. Full service extends far beyond the ability to install a variety of roof systems. At Roof Management, Inc., we take a long-term approach with each and every client we serve.

Our professional staff is on hand from the design conception to the many years of preventative maintenance following the installation of the roof systems.

What is Roof Management?

After a building has been constructed, the most costly maintenance and replacement item on this building is the roof. Neglected or poorly installed, this primary component of your building’s envelope can destroy valuable contents, disrupt tenant activities, and result in excessive expense for the owner.

When professionally installed and maintained, your roof system is a silent partner. A roof never gets turned off or shut down for an overhaul. Instead, the roof is exposed to nature’s harsh elements, the sun’s ultraviolet degradation, the building’s continual movement, and abusive foot traffic 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is a lot to ask of a roof without help.

Your building requires professional monitoring and maintenance ….

Your building demands ROOF MANAGEMENT.